Factory  Selection: Weltake analyses the client’s product requirement and works with the most suitable manufacturing partner.
Communication: Weltake and their experienced local staff will oversee progress at all stages and clearly report back to its clients.

Human Rights and Ethical Standards
: Weltake adheres to international standards for human rights and ethical working practices and we hold our approved suppliers to the same standards.

Engineering and Inspection
: Weltake will inspect at each key stage of the manufacturing, from materials and components, through manufacturing assembly, to final inspection and testing.
Design and Development: Client’s technical and design requirements are briefed with the nominated manufacturer and initial costing and prototypes are processed.

Shipping and Transportation
: Weltake’s Shipping department will ensure shipping instructions and documentation requirements are accurately followed.

Negotiations and Order Placement
: Weltake manages the price, specification, and delivery negotiations with the manufacturer.


Customer Service
: Weltake are concerned about meeting standards and expectations and will remain involved and responsible from pre-production to after-market.

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